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    400 Agencies

    2 000 Employees

    14 600 Sales

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    Since 2001

    140 Agencies

    500 Employees

    4 324 Sales


    Since 1957

    140 Agencies

    700 Employees

    5 876 Sales

    Fédération française de la franchise

    History of the Nestenn Group

    Solvimo and AVIS Immobilier found Nestenn

    In 2017, the Nestenn Property Group capitalised on the high profiles of Solvimo and AVIS-Immobilier to create a strong network of over 400 agencies and 2 000 staff.
    Since 1957, AVIS-Immobilier, the oldest network in France, has been constantly committed to excellence in the property business. Present in more than 400 towns and cities across France, particularly in the west of the country, the group is focused on delivering the highest standards of service to clients.

    Solvimo has been present in the property market since 2001, and operates in more than 450 towns and cities in France and internationally. Committed to strong values such as openness, responsiveness, security and expertise, the group is well known and respected for its franchising activities, thanks to its know-how and high-quality services.

    With the backing of these two major networks, Nestenn Property has today established itself as a leading property group with 60 years’ combined experience and over 300 estate agencies, with the aim of expanding its network to 600 agencies by 2023. Nestenn is a member of the Fédération Française de la Franchise and Fichier AMEPI

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    The Nestenn Property Group
    In France

    The Nestenn Property Group


    In addition to its estate agencies in mainland France, the Nestenn Property Group has successfully expanded its network overseas. We are now present not just on the continent, but also in Corsica (in Ajaccio and Biguglia, near Bastio), the French overseas territories, Reunion Island (Saint-Leu), New Caledonia (Nouméa), Mauritius, and Miami in Florida.
    Thanks to our international presence, we are now able to assist clients looking to buy or rent property abroad.

    Nestenn Group values

    The Nestenn Property Group has built its reputation on strong values such as proximity, commitment, respect, professionalism and transparency. In addition, Nestenn has adopted a client-focused strategy, offering real, personalised support and guidance. Our professional estate agents will work closely with you, relying on their wide experience and knowledge of their area to find the right solutions to your needs.
    At Nestenn headquarters, Olivier ALONSO and Delphine ROUXEL, the Group’s two executive directors, have a combined 40 years experience in the property business. The Group also has several departments focusing on different areas, such as development, marketing, editorial content, online content, events, legal and administrative affairs).

    All Nestenn staff, experts in their respective fields, work to providing you with innovative, effective services that use all possibilities offered by digital technology.

    Our values are proudly displayed at every one of our agencies.

    « At Nestenn,
    We are professionals focused on your needs. We know that is one of the biggest things you will ever do and that is why you came to us. We take the time to listen as you describe your project, as we know that talking things through helps us to put our desires and ideas into words.
    It is important for us to hear what you have to say. We are well placed to guide you, thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the town, the central areas and suburbs, and the surrounding countryside.
    We connect sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, with respect for all and integrity.
    We can provide you with invaluable assistance at every stage of your project. Nestenn offers peace of mind.
    That means welcoming you in a comfortable environment. It means encouraging exploration, reflection, and help with making decisions. Relieving you of the burden of negotiating and drawing up contracts is part of that Nestenn peace of mind. We guarantee full compliance with laws and regulations in every transaction handled by the Nestenn Property Group. It’s all clear with Nestenn.»

    Nestenn Real Estate in the media

    The Nestenn Real Estate Group is often cited in the media. Here is an example with Olivier Alonso interview on BFM Business:

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